Could your child become a Mini Medic?

Focus over Fear

A 6-year-old boy managed to unlock his mum’s phone, use Siri and contact the emergency service when his mum collapsed into unconsciousness. Sometimes first aid can be as teaching a small child how to make a call. We at Meaningful Change run courses for children, we call them Mini Medics, could your child become a Mini Medic?

Choking Story – Do you know what to do?

Celia was in middle of cleaning the kitchen when she heard her younger brother Simon coughing and gasping for air.

As she ran out of the kitchen she witnessed a scene, for which her first aid training had prepared her. Simon was coughing and frantically trying to breathe at the same time. Celia noticed a bag of sweets nearby realized Simon must have been choking on a sweet. Simon with his hands around his throat allowed Celia to quickly realise what was happening.

With a cool head Celia asked Simon to keep on coughing as she started to give back blows and abdominal thrusts. After four cycles the sweet popped out and Simon, although distressed recovered quickly.

Would you know what to do and have the confidence to do it?  Focus over Fear at Meaningful Change