Diseases – How to Prevent Them And How to Work with People Suffering From Them

The germs and bacteria that cause diseases can be found on just about every surface in both your home and the office. There are many ways to prevent the spread and contraction of these diseases, but they all start with good health. For good health and effective disease prevention, you need to live a healthy lifestyle. An unhealthy lifestyle can contribute to more serious diseases such as heart attacks, diabetes and cancer.

     If you live or work with someone suffering from heart disease, diabetes or cancer, knowing the basics of first aid is important. The skills you learn in a first aid training course could save the life of a coworker or someone you love.

     With that being said, we are going to take a look at some things that you can do to prevent diseases and make working with someone suffering from a disease much easier. Let’s get started:

Prevent Disease By Staying Healthy

Watch Your Blood Pressure- if your blood pressure is high, you need to keep it monitored. You have hypertension if your reading is consistently above 140/90. Keeping your blood pressure within a normal range will help you avoid certain diseases including heart disease, pulmonary disease and a wide range of common virus-derived diseases.

Maintain An Ideal Body Weight- even if you are just slightly overweight, you are at an increased risk for contracting a wide range of diseases. Determining a healthy weight is easy, simply use your height to calculate your BMI or Body Mass Index.

Get Enough Rest- proper sleep heals and restores the body and helps to prevent disease. A lack of sleep can leave us more open to germs, bacteria and viruses.

Working With People Suffering From Disease

     Regardless of the precautions, illnesses may strike anyone at any given time. If you find yourself working with someone who is ill, here are some things that you can do:

Listen And Understand- when you listen to someone who has a specific disease, you will be able to understand it better. Understanding a disease will make preventing it that much easier.

Share Responsibilities- share the responsibility to prevent the spread of disease with your coworkers. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the chores of keeping the workplace clean and sanitised to avoid germs and bacteria which can lead to disease, but things can be easier if responsibilities are shared and delegated.

Contact Meaningful Change First Aid Training

     To learn more ways that you can prevent diseases at home and in the workplace, contact Meaningful Change First Aid Training today and speak with an expert who can answer any questions you might have. Be sure to ask about our full range of first aid training courses for corporate clients, individuals and children.

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