Focus Over Fear – Asthma

Asthma: – Do you know what to do?

At present there is no cure for asthma but there are some simple treatments that can help keep the symptoms under control. But what are the symptoms?

Well the main symptoms are:

  • Wheezing ( a kind of whistling sound when you are breathing
  • Breathlessness (don’t mistake just over exerting yourself, it’s more to do with a sudden shortness of breath or being out of breath for a prolonged period of time)
  • A tight chest – which kind of feels like a belt tightening around you chest
  • Coughing
Although the symptoms may ell vary from person to person, they usually come and go, but be aware that for some people they can be very persistent which is described as having an Asthma Attack

If you only have very mild symptoms, for example if you occasionally come into contact with a particular, known trigger, your GP may just prescribe you a reliever inhaler to use when you get symptoms. Your reliever inhaler is usually blue.

There are a very few people who just need to be prescribed a reliever inhaler for when they get symptoms. Most people with asthma benefit from a regular preventer inhaler taken every day to prevent symptoms coming on.

If you’re having asthma symptoms three or more times a week, or symptoms are waking you up at night, you need a preventer inhaler too. Your preventer inhaler keeps you well with your asthma over time by preventing the inflammation in your airways. Preventer inhalers are often brown but other coloured preventers are also available.

Finding the correct treatment and control of your asthma will be a collaborative effort between the patient and the doctor.

What about this idea of a brown paper bag? Well, there is no scientific evidence that this works!, but can it be a distraction which helps the patient focus on something other than their breathing difficulties? absolutely!

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