Saving Lives

Our name gives you an insight as to who we are. Making a Meaningful Change to save a life. We are humbled by an event that took place soon after one of our courses. In the words of the client…

On Wednesday 2nd of May, Debbie came to the Manchester emergency first aid course.
On the 6th of May Debbie and her brother had gone to Portugal on holiday, on the first day (7th) of their holiday her brother became unconscious at dinner and Debbie had to perform CPR (which thank god she learned 5 days earlier in this course!) on her brother and has been told she saved his life and is the reason he is alive today, she did break his ribs in the process but he’s here to let her never forget about it, so thank god for this course because the outcome could have been so different!
We are thankful that Debbie’s brother is here to keep teasing his sister. We are sure Debbie is never going to let him forget what she did for him.
All of us at Meaningful Change would like to send Debbie a huge thank you, you are our hero.

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